I have a question about the status of my load. Who should I contact?

You may contact our customer service number 804-231-7909. You can also send us an email inquiry to [email protected]

How do I get a quote?

We can provide you with an instant quote over the telephone. With basic information we can develop a quick ballpark rate. With additional load / destination details we can provide you an exact quote. You may also fill out our rate estimate form to receive an estimate by email. We usually process all estimates within 24 hours of request receipt.

How long does it take to receive a quote?

Our agents can provide quotes by phone within several minutes. Within the same day, definitely. Often, while you are still on the phone. You will find it very easy to deal with us. We know you need to fulfill your requirements and get back to work!

I have an after-hour inquiry. Who should I call?

If you have an emergency situation you may call our after-hours number at 804-231-7909

How do I know if there’s a Quick Way route in my area?

We are local carrier in the state of Virginia. If you are not sure whether we deliver to your location please contact our customer service number 804-231-7909.

Does Quick Way Inc. ever sell equipment to owner operators?

Yes, Quick Way Inc. will occasionally sell equipment to owner operators.

Does Quick Way Team Offer Team Expedited Service?

No, it does not

Can Quick Way Inc. haul Hazardous Materials?

Yes, in some cases.

Where are you located?

We are located in Richmond, Virginia. Our address is 3707 N Hopkins Rd, Richmond, VA 23224

What type of equipment does Quick Way Inc. have available?

We have over 120 trailers, 60 tractors, and Service Trucks



Do I need experience to work for your truck company?

Yes. Age limit and good record with 2 years of experience is preferred. Call us for more information.

What is Quick Way Inc. payment structure?

We pay hourly

What benefits does your truck company offer for drivers?

We offer weekends off, vacations, and holidays. We also provide life insurance.

Am I really going to be able to decide which loads I take and when I go home?

No, that is because we run you on a location and once that is done, you can go home.